Siri: spotify co soon as standard streaming service possible

Apple prepares another opening of ios 14 for third-party services. In the first pre-release version of ios 14.5 if it is possible for the first time to set a standard music app for apple’s integrated language assistance system siri: if you want to start the playback of a song or playlist via voice command, siri asks for the first time the installed music app you might use dafur. Siri forwards all music control commands directly to the selected app – for example, to spotify.

Standard streaming service for siri

Three services such as spotify can have been integrated on the iphone since ios 13 in apple’s language assistance system, the user must always have any playback command "spotify" hanging as standard remains firm apple’s music app respectives apple music. Due to the free choice of another standard music service for siri, the extensive addition at each voice command.

Apple has not exploited the appropriate extension for siri so far, accordingly remains open if this as part of ios 14.5 appears. The iphone and ipad update was allowed to be published in marz. The function currently seems to be in a fruhen test phase and does not work smoothly yet. So far, there seems to be no attitude in the operating system to further otherwise to change the standard music app.

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