Smart displays: amazon recalls echo show 5 and 8

Smart Displays: Amazon Recalls Echo Show 5 and 8

Amazon brings overworked versions of echo show 8 and echo show 5 in the trade. The new edition of the smart displays are available on amazon for pre-order and will be delivered from june. To the changes, according to amazon a better camera.

The echo show 8 is therefore equipped with a 13 megapixel wide-angle camera, which swings in video calls and zooms to keep users in the field of view. This is practically a purely digital adjustment of a function of the echo show 10, where the display turns motor-controlled. The new echo show 8 also uses a new octa core processor, writes amazon.In a press release – cleaner details are not out of this.

The smaller echo show 5 also gets a superior camera with double resolution compared to the previous model, dominates in contrast to the echo show 8 but no digital swivel function. The echo show 5 costs 85 euros. This is theoretically favorable than the current model, which is regular for 90 euros. In practice, amazon sells the current echo show 5 but for 80 euros. The new echo show 8 will test 130 euros, exactly as much as the current model regular.

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