The speckgurtel thrives again

renewed growth of the bacon belt

New housing development in baar-ebenhausen, directly on the munich-ingolstadt rail line. Ingolstadt’s main train station can be reached in 10 minutes by train; by car it is about 15 km to ingolstadt. Images: tp

New housing construction needs a regional identity space

It is highly regrettable that the bavarian constitutional court has recently rejected a petition for a referendum against land consumption as inadmissible. Because soil is both our natural basis of life and a non-reproducible resource, it requires special protection. Decades ago, the great economist edgar salin, when pondering the prosperity and future prospects of a region, made it clear that this would not be achieved by the sprawl of the cities into the surrounding countryside, but would require vitalization from within.

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Bmw updates its operating system os.7 “over the air”

BMW updates its operating system OS.7'over the air''over the air'

With the "aluminated over-the-air update of a european manufacturer" get more than 750 from today’s monday.000 vehicles with the equipment "bmw live cockpit professional" the latest version of the bmw operating system 7 (version 07/20). The software update for vehicles with a production date before july 2020 contains new, advanced and improved functions such as bmw maps, google android auto or edrive zones.

First, the new software version will be delivered to customers in germany. The bmw holders will be informed about the vehicle or in your bmw app via push message on the smartphone as soon as the upgrade is ready. Bmw customers in europe, usa, canada, china and other countries are served in this order after the delivery in germany is completed.

Cloud-based route calculation

The manufacturer calls some examples of improved functions. Thus, bmw maps – for the first time aims to work – work faster in its route calculation by combining real-time information with predictive models. Apple carplay should be more user-friendly with turning instructions and lane information directly on the head-up display and the info display. In addition, the new edrive zones plug-in hybrid driver should be supported. When entering environmental zones, the car automatically switches to the electric driving mode with sufficient battery capacity.

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