Oko audit: fiats new fuel-saving strategies

Oko audit: fiats new fuel-saving strategies

Hamburg, 22. January 2009 – since we have probably still a bit. Only 48 amounts to our eco index after my colleague and i have omitted our spare round with the fiat 500 pur-o2. 100 points had to be able to print in the background in the background, while the data is evaluated on the pc. But fiat not only tries it with contemporary computer coaching, but also has a handy saving technique, such as a start-stop system or all sorts of fine tuning, as other manufacturers with bluemotion and co. Have made.

New fuel-saving label

Under the name "pur-o2", fiat brings several consumption-optimized models on the market. First, the bravo, croma and 500 series are considered. The basis for the bravo pur-o2 is a 1.6-liter diesel with 105 hp, the fine tuning relates to the longest axis control, rolling-resistant tires and the use of lightweight. So a consumption of 4.8 liters is to be reached to 100 kilometers and a co2 outlet of 119 grams per kilometer. The spar-bravo starts at 19.050 euros. A number gross is the croma pur-o2, which from 24.000 euro is available. He is also laid beyond the mentioned mails also 10 millimeters lower. The drive takes over here a 120 hp diesel, which is supposed to be startled at 5.3 liters to 100 kilometers.

Start stop system in the fiat 500

The only gasoline in the pur o2 pallet is the fiat 500. Under his short hood, a gasoline engine works with 69 hp. Instead of detail optimizations, the italians set the "cinquecento" to a start-stop automatic. On request, there is also him with the automated manual transmission "dualogic". On a journey through the hamburg grobstadt getelig with a hand-switched 500, the system could convince because the starting process has failed quickly enough so as not to become a traffic brake. The start-stop mode can also be switched off via a key in the center console. Turn off apropos: under some conditions, the engine remains in any case: to pay a low operating temperature, a switched rear window heater or the circumstance that the preselected interior temperature has not yet been reached. Thus, however, fiat is not alone, because other manufacturers such as bmw also see for the benefit of passenger, electrical system and engine similar restrictions.

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