Charlie hebdo: “if you want to defend freedom of expression, you have to stop being young”

Charlie hebdo:'wenn man die meinungsfreiheit verteidigen will, muss man aufhoren, jung zu sein'

"Because at the last verse i stab" – cyrano de bergerac vs. A jihadist. Image: actualitte/cc by-sa 2.0

Satirical magazine publishes new muhammad cartoon to mark start of trial over 2015 islamist terror attack and worries about shifting attitudes toward freedom of expression

A rough trial on the islamist terrorist attack on the editorial office of the magazine charlie hebdo began today in paris. On 7. January 2015, the brothers said and cherif kouachi killed 12 people, members of the editorial staff of the satirical magazine, a technician, a bodyguard and a man who got in their way while they were fleeing on the street. Revenge for muhammad cartoons has been cited as a central motive for the bloodbath in the newsroom. Among the murder victims were the cartoonists cabu, charb, honore, tignous and wolinski.

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