Disney +: “mulan” now also available with other providers

Disney +:'mulan' jetzt auch bei anderen anbietern verfugbar'mulan' jetzt auch bei anderen anbietern verfugbar

Disney’s feature film "mulan" is from the 6. October also available with other providers. In addition, amazon and google play. So far, the film produced by disney was extremely available at the in-house streaming service disney +.

Due to the corona pandemic, disney has opted for a digital strategy at the publication: in germany, the film did not come into the cinemas, so many could only see him as a subscriber of disney + – if you were ready to pay something on it. In addition to the subscription post of 7 euros a month, disney requires a one-time payment of 22 euros to "mulan" see.

"Mulan" at amazon gunstiger

At disney competition "mulan" even cheap offers: at amazon, the 4k catch of the film can currently be pre-ordered for 16.50 euros. The offer in the play store can not compete: there only the fullhd version is offered. She costs 22 euros.

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